M25Miles said: (expletive removed)
"I LITERALLY started jumping for joy. This guy GETS IT!!! I'm so tired of having to use diferent programs for diferent games!"

[GSI]reboot said:
"Platinum Arts Sandbox is a quickly-progressing project that I have been watching since its first version. It has improved by leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. While on the surface it appears to be a niche program, the full value of the sandbox-style game cannot be appreciated until you download it and try it for yourself. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone with some spare time on their hands to check it out. You do NOT have to be a map maker or even desire to be one... this project is much more than a mapping tool!"

Lordofthelargepants said:
"This, is awesome. Hands down ^^"

canineboy said:
"This is awesome. My friends and I spent whole nights making puzzle maps for each? other :) Thanks Platinum Arts!"

T0BBi94 said: (Youtube Noesis Video)
"at 1.35 that really cool. It looks better than a real game, great graphic and its free!? =)"

Youtube User (user name removed due to age) said:

myfatproductions said:
"All go download sandbox! Share ideas help each other and go play multiplayer!!
you can build in game with ur friends!"

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