Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker is fun, free, open source and makes it easy for kids and adults to make their own games!
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IMPORTANT: Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker does NOT require credit card infomation or registration of any sort.
If you are asked for your credit card or to register you are NOT on the Sandbox site!

Halloween Mapping Contest!

By popular demand we're having a Halloween Mapping Contest to see who can create the scariest map! Check the Sandbox Contest Forum for more details!

Also check back for more contests in the future with bigger prizes :D Take care and have an awesome Halloween!! :)

PS The Game Design book is coming along nicely and I'm about halfway finished. I'm putting in a lot of time to try to make sure I include as much helpful info as possible and make it nice and organized :)

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker 2.7 Release

Head over to the download page and pick up the new release of Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker! Also don't forget to check out Fun Free Games HQ if you like free games though some are not kid friendly!

Here is the list of goodies:
* Several new high quality texture packs that can be used in your commercial games!
* Lots of bugfixes including the corrupted .cfg problem that required restoring defaults.
* Improved lightmap and model lighting

RPG Mode:
* Triggers!
* Prototype Action RPG Game Rose Child Of The Storm - Featuring blasting zombies with tornadoes and flying around the map with wind spells!
* Revamped scripting system
* Item icons, spell sounds, and more!
* Much improved RPG Hud
* AI
* New easier to use waypoint system that links waypoints instead of the having to create the path /experimentalwaypoint
* Platforms!
* More powerful cutscene system, check out the examples!
* Tons more features as the RPG has entered Alpha stage!

The RPG game mode configuration files are located in /data/games There are several working examples for you to check out! The /docs file has information on the keys used in RPG mode.

The Wiki has been updated with more information on the RPG and other aspects. Also be sure to check out the tutorial list and FAQ in the wiki for more information.

The Game Design book is still in the works and will be followed by a book on Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker!

Feel free to post feedback/comments in the 2.7 Feedback Forum Thread! The thread includes the complete changelog.

Thank you for your support and interest in Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker!

New Release On The Way and Has Been Revamped!

We are planning on doing a new release of Sandbox hopefully by this weekend! It is going to feature a ton of updates that Hirato has done to the RPG Game Maker Mode including.... triggers!!!! Check back soon for more info :)

Also if you like free games check out because I've revamped the site! As a note not all content on there is kid friendly! Comments are welcome and also I'll be moving all the free flash games over from the old site to the new one soon!

Take care and thanks for your interest in Sandbox!

RPG Maker Mode Platforms Video + Video Blog and Things To Come!

Check out the video of Platforms in the 3D RPG Maker Mode of Sandbox!

There are so many awesome Sandbox videos that I'd like to start a video blog on the site! If you have or find any cool videos let us know either by e-mail or in our chat room.

We are working to get a release out in either August or September! There is lots of awesome stuff on the way!

I'm planning on writing a book on Game Design and another book on using Sandbox. They are just in the concept stage but I'd really like to get the Game Design book out soon to help everyone start their futures :D And don't worry it won't be like most of those types of books at a $50 price point, it will be much much less since I want everyone to be able to get it :D

Thank you for your interest in Sandbox and the support! :D

Action RPG Rose Child Of The Storm POC Release - Free Game!

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker and presents Rose Child Of The Storm! Play as Rose a powerful child gifted with power over the wind. Storm the castle and battle the The Dark Piper whom has control over the undead and save your imprisoned friend!

For those interested in concept and development art (or funny comics!) pictures will be posted on during the upcoming days.

* 1st Person Action RPG
* Enemies that are capable of mauling you and using magic!
* Spells
Tornado Blast - Sends forth a tornado that tosses enemies aside
Storm Smash - A close range blast of air which can be used to send the player into the air
* Functioning spell sounds and on hit enemy sounds
* Experience and level up system
* Adjustable stat system, you can even control how fast you regenerate your health!
* Save Games
* Interactive NPCs
* Triggers
* Windows and Linux version available
* And lots more!!

Feel free to post feedback!

This game serves as a proof of concept game that can be made using Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker. A full scale commercial Action RPG is in the works!

Rose Child Of The Storm Soon, New Release On The Way, and Amazing Sandbox Video!

Mary Child Of The Storm has been renamed Rose Child Of The Storm and I am currently preparing the release so it should be out within the next day or two :) Sorry for the long wait but my monitor was having issues and my new one finally came in!!

Also Hirato and I are excited about getting a new release into the wild! We have a few more weeks worth of work but it is coming!

Finally, I am absolutely amazed with this video so I had to post it! If people are interested perhaps I'll start posting more of my favorite Sandbox youtube videos :D

Thank you everyone for your support and happy creating!!

New Project Posted OrkMoth RPG and New Funny and Whacky Comic Page!

The Games And Projects page has been updated to include the OrkMoth RPG project. Here is some information on that:

OrkMoth RPG
Set in a world called Abundantia (Latin for abundance/plenty) there are six races fighting for control over the planet. The planet which is robotic in nature was created by an ancient robotic race that died out. An asteroid carrying life collided with the large metal planet. Slowly trees and plants sustained and grew onto it, water condensed onto the planet's surface, and eventually life bloomed. Six particular species of creatures on the planet evolved to become the most dominant and took control over the planet, forming the six major powers. One thing they don't know is that the planet is robotic. This game is NOT A SCI-FI, because the six races haven't advanced and still fight by sword and shield; bow and arrow; on horseback or on foot. This game is set in a nation called OrkMoth (and the OrkMoth Isles), homeland of a race called the Accendiates. is my new whacky comic book site that so far features the adventures of Sky Captain Meow and other random drawings. I'm most likely going to be posting Sandbox related comics as well including Master Chef Ogro. Also it would be fun to eventually do a Sky Captain Meow game :D The site is very new and still in development but head on over if you want a laugh :D

The Games & Projects Section Has Been Updated and Mary Child Of The Storm Release Soon!

The Games & Projects section has been updated to include two new games, Platinum Runners and Revelade Revolution. Here is some info about them:

Platinum Runners: Beta Version available at the homepage.
You wake up in an unknown area finding a suit on you that says blue. Surrounding you is lava and platforms everywhere, what do you? Make your first jump to freedom or stay and rot? You Decide!

Revelade Revolution (upcoming game):
A game where four survivors of a zombie infestation must travel the streets of London in the 1980s whilst being chased by hordes of savage zombies. This game shall be, hopefully, very interactive where you will be able to pick, throw, push, and maybe eat some objects in game. You can create your own safehouse, and barricades to fend off zombies, or use vehicles to run them down. Explore the, eventually, large map, including a sewer, subway and the overground city. With never-ending free-roam gameplay, zombie survival, various missions to complete, npc's, and more.

The Mary Child Of The Storm prototype has actually been in good shape for a while, it just needs to be updated a bit and then released so that should be soon :) Also if you haven't seen the awesome spell that lets you fly around the map, well here it is!

PPC Launcher And Binary Available For 2.6 and 2.6.1 Thanks To Mariojinx!

Thanks to Mariojinx we now have a Power PC (PPC) binaries for 2.6 and 2.6.1! So now all Mac users should be able to use Sandbox since we have Intel and now PPC binaries :) Head over to the Download page to snag them :D Also he has been generous enough to offer his services for future releases! More news to come soon, check back :D

New RPG Game: Mary Child Of The Storm - A Present For A Little Girl

Announcement: Christmas Event in the forums!

A new fun RPG project that is in the works and will be released to the community is the tentatively named game Mary Child Of The Storm. The game is a present to a little girl who asked me to make her a game for Christmas.

Also I am interested in collecting a list of well wishes that anyone wants to include in the game to help brighten up her Christmas even more. Further ideas are welcome too. You can read more about the game and testing it here:

In the game you play as Mary, master of the wind and rescue me (Mike) from a castle/fort/stronghold while fighting off zombies and William The Dark Piper (her brother). The game is mainly going to serve as a prototype so don't expect too much in the first release except FUN! If the game ends up being a hit further chapters will be created :) Thank you for your time.

UPDATE: Here is some fun on the testing map :D

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