Projects Using Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker

Interested in checking out some projects created by people using Sandbox? Well here you go! If you have a game you'd like to have added here be sure to check out the Contact Us link and send me an e-mail, post it on the forums, or stop into our Chatroom. Enjoy!

Released Games

The Golden Coin - A Free Sandbox RPG - Homepage - MODDB Page - Sandbox Forum Thread
Delve into a world of mystery and fantasy as you awaken unsure of who you are and how you got there. Are you good or evil? What will you do when you will stand in front of a dark lord? Will you fight or will you run? Download and play this exciting RPG adventure to find out!

The Exciting Adventures Of Master Chef Ogro - Download - Sandbox Forum Thread - (since it was created by students of mine I post it on the Sandbox Page)
Do you have what it takes to save the Kingdom Of Ograria? As the Master Chef and expert with produce magic, you must track down the evil Chef Shadow Ogro who is creating evil produce creatures with his giant cooking cauldron. Battle evil produce creatures and monsters as you travel through dark forests, a mountain castle, caves, and even glitchworlds where the whole universe seems out of whack!

Platinum Runners - Homepage - MODDB Page - Sandbox Forum Thread - You wake up in an unknown area finding a suit on you that says blue. Surrounding you is lava and platforms everywhere, what do you? Make your first jump to freedom or stay and rot? You Decide!

Non Game Projects

Comix Sandbox - Created By Stefos -
Lots of awesome comics created using Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker and the rotoscope shader (you can toggle that on in the options part of the menu).

Upcoming Games

OrkMoth RPG - Created By Elemental Productions - Homepage - MODDB Page - Sandbox Site Forum Thread
Set in a world called Abundantia (Latin for abundance/plenty) there are six races fighting for control over the planet. The planet which is robotic in nature was created by an ancient robotic race that died out. An asteroid carrying life collided with the large metal planet. Slowly trees and plants sustained and grew onto it, water condensed onto the planet's surface, and eventually life bloomed. Six particular species of creatures on the planet evolved to become the most dominant and took control over the planet, forming the six major powers. One thing they don't know is that the planet is robotic. This game is NOT A SCI-FI, because the six races haven't advanced and still fight by sword and shield; bow and arrow; on horseback or on foot. This game is set in a nation called OrkMoth (and the OrkMoth Isles), homeland of a race called the Accendiates.

Reactor 17 - Created by Delta Studios - MODDB Page - Sandbox Site Forum Thread
You wake and find yourself in an unusual place. You discover a key on the wall and unlock the door to find that you’re in an old mansion. You walk down to the front door and discover that it’s jammed and there’s nowhere else to go. So you decide to explore to see what else you can discover. You begin to uncover the mansions dark secrets as you progress and eventually carry a mission that would save the entire of New World.

Follow a path of Discovery and Secrets as you take on the role of Leo, a mysterious character that showed up in the town of New Elizabeth without any trace of previous existence. Finding out that the town won’t talk to anyone from "Dark Mansion", Leo is classed as an outcast that only the Mayor will talk to. He takes on a mission to seek out and shut down the most powerful source of energy in the entire parallel world of Paradise, Reactor 17. Travel through dark and dangerous places ranging from Mines and Dungeons to The Abandoned Mansion and finally, Delta Labs. Meet friends along the way and trade items to achieve your goal.

Revelade Revolution - Created By DDC Games - Homepage - MODDB Page - Sandbox Site Forum Thread
A game where four survivors of a zombie infestation must travel the streets of London in the 1980s whilst being chased by hordes of savage zombies. This game shall be, hopefully, very interactive where you will be able to pick, throw, push, and maybe eat some objects in game. You can create your own safehouse, and barricades to fend off zombies, or use vehicles to run them down. Explore the, eventually, large map, including a sewer, subway and the overground city. With never-ending free-roam gameplay, zombie survival, various missions to complete, npc's, and more.

Da Chest Collector - Created By Pizzalover - Homepage - MODDB Page - Sandbox Site Forum Thread
Just out of pure boredom, you play a game. Why? Because someone tells you to. The game? To collect chests. Why? You don't know and no one will tell you. But as you uncover the secrets that lie in the apples, you start to run. You run and run and eventually go through "Da Itsicle."

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