Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker 2.8.1 Released and School Edition Soon!

I'm excited to announce the release of Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker 2.8.1! Also the 2.8.1 School Edition aka the version without Water Wars will be available in the next few days! Also here is a sneak peak of things to come! Please leave us feedback in our feedback forum!

Click Read More for the full changelog!

* Packaged in a Tar file!
* fixed permission errors with script, and improved it for package creators. People who used the previous script SHOULD MAKE SURE TO CLEAN UP EVERYTHING CREATED/MOVED BY THE PREVIOUS SCRIPT!

* Courtesy of northstar, mapmodel preview shots for over 160 models.

General changes
* Save map option in the editing menu
* getcurmap command extended to all game modules for getting the name of the current map.
* Fix model scripts that caused infinitely recursive loading of itself. (really this time)
* fix editfacewentpush behaviour when an entity is selected

FPS changes
* allow scrolling over an item entity to switch between items.
* dialogue restored to the Save The Princess maps

SSP changes
* make 2HP state a lighter yellow.
* enumerate pickups/boxes written by the exporter.
* fixed HUD paths and images
* fixed box rendering/collision offsets
* fixed lightning particles for "attracted" pickups.

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